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Hey, did you like that animation on the home page? It took some time to work fine on mobile, which was described in my blog. Well, you could go check it right now, but then we would have lost our way so let's keep going.


As you may have seen, I'm not any kid. I'm almost a forty, of which 15 of then spent helping to solve problems for clients such as Levis, Abn Amro, Mizuno, Johnson & Johnson, Hasbro on a lot of projects. Again, stay with me as I show you what I can do for you.


[ 1 ] - To have fun while I go to find, explore, and love new technologies; [ 2 ] To make the user happy while he solves his problems; [ 3 ] - To have time to make little toys like this pwa game ; [ 4 ] Conquer North America and Australasia (remember "Risk"?).


Interaction Design

I don't even know how to call my role in this sea of definitions. I came from the Flash Golden Era, so I'm used to please the user while he accomplishes what he wanted to do. We should bring back this happiness and agility using whatever the technology time may show us in the future...

Frontend Development

On half of my carreer I was specializilng mostly in Actionscript. Then flash died and I was like, what now? Well, I've learned the hard way I should be really good not at knowing somenthing very well, but at learning things fast (a least a todo!). And yeah, I know the "Big Tree" and by now I'm in love with Vue.js.

Backend Development

Mainly have worked with LAMP on Laravel/Lumen, Node, Java, but now I'm migrating my backend needs to services like gcloud and Firebase.



2018 jun

Currently working on Advertising for UOL. I really love that place and the people I met there.

2013 mar
Information Systems

Enrolled in Information Systems at EACH-USP. Again, did not finish it. Actually, I think the first 10b years were useful but the rest would be mainly practice.

2004 jun

Mainly working with Actionscript, LAMP stack, XML, etc. It was the Adobe Flash Era. I even attended at the Adobe Max 2007 in Barcelona.

2003 jun

Mostly doing websites, flash banners, mailings (remember Photoshop's slice?), etc.

2003 mar
Marketing and Advertising

Enrolled in Advertising at ECA-USP. Didn't finish the course by just a little bit but did learn a lot in the field of communications .

2002 jan
Isotopic v01

Isotopic was the name of my first personal website.There was a rich community of designers and programmers working together just by the fun of it.



Guilherme Cruz São Paulo, Brasil