19 Nov 2015

Release notes

Web Development

animation, Canvas, WebGL

Initially I thought of creating some 3D land to be animated through Threejs, but I've discovered I should first take a little more time learning Blender. While I can't create my own models, I'll stick to using some open source assets from this super nice dutch studio called Kenney.

Some other cool folks who helped me are:
PixiJS html renderer
Spritesmith spritesheet generator
AIGA symbol signs
Trianglify background generator
Color CC palette
Dosis web font

Despite using a lot of thirdy party sources, this project helped me to find a definite concept for timeline based animations with an consistent desktop/mobile behaviour, which I intend to turn into some sort of plugin soon.

See the Pen Timeline based animation by Guilherme (@guilhermecruz) on CodePen.

Scroll based animation concept. Try editing some of the json values!