Guilherme Cruz Web Developer


Sao Paulo, Brazil


Over 10 years working with clients such as Levis, Abn Amro, Mizuno, Johnson & Johnson, Hasbro, Natura, Baden Baden, Cacaushow, Grupo 3 Corações, among others.


To explore new technologies and participate in innovative projects that are usable and fun at the same time.


Interaction Design

For many years I have been working on interactive digital products like websites, web apps, games and infographics. With a focus on bringing ideas to life, I am always trying to seek knowledge in a wide range of areas, going from Graphic Design and Animation to Front-End and Back-End programming. Still, I have a pretty big list of subjects that I would like to learn or improve.

Frontend Development

Coming from an Actionscript background, I have extensive experience in integrating systems through HTTP APIs. I'm experienced with most of Javascript frameworks (now specializing in VueJS), libraries and NodeJS tools for automating development, test and building tasks. I like to code dynamic interfaces where animation or geometry are required and that work seamlessly on all kinds and sizes of screens.

Backend Development

My battlefield backend stack nowadays is PHP on Laravel/Lumen, but I like to try other programming languages whenever I can, as well as non-relational databases when some of them fits in the scenario. I'm also used to deal with linux servers and configurations, including setting up and automating quick development and testing web environments in virtual machines or containers.



2016 jun

Currently working at UOL Publicidade.

2013 mar
Information Systems

Enrolled in Information Systems at EACH-USP. Again, had to leave the course due to personal reasons but I plan to get back.

2004 jun

Mainly working with Actionscript and server-side technologies like PHP and MySQL. More details from my professional experience can be found in my Linkedin profile.

2003 jun

Mostly doing interface design and front-end development with html, javascript and actionscript.

2003 mar
Marketing and Advertising

Enrolled in Advertising at ECA-USP. Didn't finish the course due to personal reasons.

2002 jan
Isotopic v01

Isotopic was the name of my first personal website.



Guilherme Cruz São Paulo, Brasil